Review | L.A.B 2 I'm Turning Pro Make Up Brushes*

The other day I was super super lucky to receive some beautiful make up brushes to review on my blog, so I've spent one trying them out and taking them on holiday with me to try and I can honestly say I'm incredibly impressed! 

These make up brushes became available exclusively in super drug  in March 2015,but I had never heard of them before. The I'm turning pro kit contains 4 brushes, one is a small foundation brush, a buffing brush, an eyeshadow brush and a contour brush. 
I was super excited to see that there was a contour brush in here as I really feel this is what lacks in some other brush sets available.

The brush brand was set up by Hollywood make up artist, Brett freedman and there are currently two sets available, one face and one eye set too. With another 13 individual brushes available too at incredibly affordable prices.

The I'm turning Pro Face Brush Set is selling for £22.99 which is a similar price to the real technique brush sets too.  
I'm incredibly impressed with these brushes as they are made of very high quality synthetic fibres and natural hair which creates a soft brush but it's still structured which I am very pleased with, they are also said to be very durable and so far they haven't lost any shape or any hairs either!

The actual handle for the brushes is black,which u really like as it really stands out against my other brushes too. They have a soft touch handle with acrylic coating helping to give it soft comfort and grip too. The matte finish to the brushes helps,in my opinion to give it a very high end look and the name of the brush is printed in colour on the side making it easy to identify! 

My personal favourite has to be the contour brush as I have never owned one before so I was so excited to try it and it really helps to give such wonderful sculpted look to my face which I love.