Review | Seventeen Contour Kit

Today i want to review this little beauty of a set that i picked up super recently from boots and havent been able to put it down since. 
I've always been a lover (and avid collector) of different contour kits to try out and use, so naturally i have fairly high expectations, but this one lived up to them.
I was slightly concered when i saw there was only one colour, so not different shades like many others ive tried, but this luckily works perfectly, although its slightly lighter than i normally like.
This is a really nice handy little kit, with a mirror, and absolute huge plus point in my opinion, making it perfect and a handbag or travel essential due to its 2 in 1, small size and huge mirror! 
The highlight shade is beautiful too and very flattering and the contour powder  is a really warm brown shade, so you could easily get away with wearing this as a bronzer if your skin is a little darker. 

Not only does it come in the most beautiful compact packing, that reminds me heavily of nars packaging, it also has a huge mirror so its perfect for travelling too. In the little kit comes a small little leaflet which instructs you where to apply the contour powder and highlight too.
Im incredibly impressed with this and cant wait to continue loving it. You can purchase it here for £5.99, and for a short amount of time all seventeen products are on sale for 2 for £8!