Summer Holiday Packing Guide

We have all done it. We have all packed seven tops, six pairs of trousers, three skirts, three blouses and worn the same outfit every day.
Ive been away alot this summer, ive been to centre parcs with friends for 5 days, wales with friends for 4 days, Plymouth with family for 10 days, Camp bestival for 4 days and shortly im off to edinburgh too. So ive managed to get my packing skills up to scratch with a fair amount of practice.

Summer Holiday Tips 
If your going away on a summer holiday, be it in this country or abroad, its still super important that you pack well. My first tip is to get the bag your using and have a look and see what sort of size youve got to fill. Next, i make a list, but if your more of a pull clothes out the wardobe and see what happens type of person then go for that. But ultimately this needs to be the part where you get your outfits together. Lay them out, get your outfits together, and see if you can use items from one outfit in another, for example wear that grey top with the jeans and then also wear it with that skirt but team it with a necklace. Just be resourceful.
Next step is shoes, this is the tricky part, i never let myself bring more than three pairs of shoes on a summer holiday. But look at your outfits and see what shoes you can wear with all your outfits.
After that, select your heaviest outfit to wear on your travels, so wear your converse instead of your flip flops and tie that hoodie round your waist instead of placing in it your bag as it leaves more space for other items.
When your ready to pack, roll your items in, they take up alot less space. Pack your beauty products in a clear bag as its easier to see it all in one place and see where there's room to squeeze another product. Also, always pack minis, not only are they so much cuter they leave you so much more space. If the particular product you want to bring doesn't have a mini alternative then purchase some clear travel bottles and tubs to put in the amount you need.
I always write a last minute list of stuff i need. For example, if im going away on saturday but i pack on friday ill make a list of the stuff that i havent packed yet as im still using them eg. chargers,toothbrush,make up, handbag etc.