The Edit | Top Highstreet Lipsticks

Just before purchasing my first mac lipstick i went on a little shopping trip to try and find a couple of similar cheaper shades to see if it was what i liked before splurging. Oh my gosh, it's pretty clear what my favourite lipstick shade is hah!!
I only found one similar, but once i came home i realised i had a few similar shades and i wore them loads after finding them, so i wanted to write an edit post where i write about my favourite lipsticks from the highstreet, all very similar shades, hah, i guess i know what i like.

I have two from the Bourjois Rouge Edition range, i adore them. The consiensty is so lovely, they are a satin finish, with slightly more gloss. Beige French is more of a mauve nude, well as Rose Tweed is more pinky. I also own two from the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection, 113 is my go to nude, its super perfect for layering or lightening lipsticks a little and my goodness the texture is tremendous.
45 is from her new Nude Colletion, this is a massive dupe for Mac's Faux, i cant believe how similar they are in colour and finish. So i always start the day with Mac's Faux but take this one for top ups in the day if needed. The technic lipstick i own is brilliant, alone is incredibly dark but when used with another or applied sparingly it gives such a lovely finish and a real warm to the face too.
I also love my glossy red from the delipcious range from the body shop, they are super pigmented so you only need a small amount.

I swatched all of these lipsticks for you all mainly for comparison and finish.
After completely being not a lipstick wearer i am a total convert after finding what i like and what works best for me.