What I Wore Today #42

I adore this outfit. theres something i just love and i don't quite know what. The skirt is a recent purchase from New Look and i can't quite get enough of it. The sleevless jacket i feel i never take off. Its ridiculous, i love it so much, it has to be prised off me to wash,hah!
The top is an old favourite from Next, the one with a split in the back, but its such a nice fit and a very fixed shape and length so it sits nicely with this skirt and I don't need to tuck it in because it's such a perfect length. The shoes are from South Africa but i adore the T-Bar design on them and they are so comfy despite ther lack of grip on the bottom hah!!

Sleevless Jacket - New Look (kids section) £17.99
Top - Next Sale £10
Shoes - Mr Price £9.99
Skirt - New Look Petite £12.99