Favourite Parts of My Room #6

I recently re-arranged my bedroom once again, and i also painted it all over as before it was mutiple colours and i wanted something a little more grown up, so i painted it.

I'm currently loving this part of my bedroom, i've got my favourite films as well as some books that i read often or want to flick through, as well as a collection of candles as well that i love to burn.

A while ago i replaced one of my photo frames with some of my favourite quote images off my pintrest page. Im super pleased with this and i absolutely adore it. It is so lovely to read all of these in the morning for a little boost of positivity.

This board features in nearly every single one of my posts, but i add to it all the time with pictures, concert tickets,clothing labels, cinema tickets, train tickets and pictures. Its such a lovely thing to have and i smile at it everyday.

After my prom i sent off to get lots of photos printed, i brought and canvas and then collaged them all onto my canvas to re-live all of the happy memories and remind me how lucky i am to have all these girls in my life.

A recent addition to my bedroom is this pinboard/magnetic white board that i brought from home bargains and then placed it behind my door. I have always wanted one to keep track of all my homework and dates that are important to me. On the little pin board i have put a picture and two of my favourite quotes.