Haul #46 - Miss Guided, Primark & H&M

This haul is so overdue,oops. Anyway, i recently went online shopping on miss guided and purchases this beautiful little a-line skirt for just £8. It was actually part of a co-ord set but they didnt have the top in my size, but i am in love with this skirt.

I took a huge trip to Primark with my friend Hattie and damn we went crazy. I picked up these little loafter style shoes for just £4 reduced in the sale.

I picked up this loose v-neck jumper for £6. Im super chuffed with it, its such a light fabric, so perfect to see me into autumn or spring. It also has a slight split at the sides which i love.

I wanted this top ever since i saw it, but it was about £6 and never in my size. I looked in every primark near me, but the other day i saw it in my size for £2.50 and i was over the moon.

I am a huge homeland fan, like massive. So when i saw this top i couldn't resist, so i spend my evenings sat in bed watching homeland with my homeland top on because i am that cool, this was £3.

Also in primark i picked up this little shift style dress for £6 which i thought would be super cute with some tights and boots in the autumn.

In H&M i brought this little top for £6.99 because i have the blue version and wear it all the time.

I also brought this little purple jumper for around £7, i wish i brought it a size bigger, it fits but i wanted it slightly baggier.

Also in H&M i picked up these tights because i'd forgotten mine and needed them while in Edinburgh, but they are awful hah, so so white and made my legs look so pale, so i ditched the tights. I picked up my usual micellar water too for £4 on sale in its new packagaing from Asda along with these shoes which i adore, but have given my blisters, damn, but these were £14.