Morning Skincare Routine

Today i wanted to tell you all about my updated skincare routine for the summer because this is so incredibly overdue. In the winter i find myself using more face masks and heavier products, but during summer i like things to feel light and also have something that's super quick to do.

I start off in the morning using my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, this removes any make up that might have been left on from the night before and it also soothes my skin and cleanses.
After i have done that i apply my nivea daily moisturiser all over my face, this is wonderful, its so light but you can really feel it working and my face feels so much better after using it.
Next i use my simple kind to eyes revitalising eye roll on as i find this really helps to brighten up my eyes and it also helps a lot to make my eyes more awake too by moisturising the skin around my eyes. After that my next step is to use my garnier moisture match illuminating light lotion, this is wonderful and really makes my skin look illumintaed, so i apply it to the high points of my face and avoid my eyes as getting this in your eyes can really sting. Also, this contains a SPF 20, which is wonderful as it helps to protect my skin against the harsh sun rays too.