My Week #57

This week was my first full week back at sixth form and damn was it hard.
Work levels have hit the roof and there's so so much to write down and cover each lesson, but I'm getting there. 
As usual my evenings after school were pretty dull filled with homework and heading out to the gym. However,on Saturday we went to Wales to my dads bosses Texas BBQ themed party,which was so wonderful. The food was out of this world and the effort put into the decorations was extraordinary! I spent Saturday morning at the gym and then I went out to town to pick up a few essentials before heading to Wales. Then today I got up super early did some homework and visited my nan and grandma before heading to matalan to spend my vouchers, I am determined to save money now,but it's important I've got a full wardrobe for autumn and winter hey? ;) I've now got to decide to start saving for a car and insurance and everything else that comes with getting that little bit older,but need to get a job first that's my next mission haha!! Today I also made a smoothie bowl so watch out for a super tasty recipe super soon. 
Hope you've had a wonderful week!