My Week #58

I've had an incredibly hectic and busy week but ive loved every moment. On monday me and my family all sat down together in front of the candles to watch some telly together, something we never really seem to do any more due to our busy schedules. I've really maxed it out at the gym this week and i am really feeling it nw hah, but its so so fun! This weekend was lovely too, on saturday my friend hattie came over as we have to volunteer for an hour a fortnight in a health & social care setting for our coursework which was super fun despite feeling apprehensive, getting beaten at scrabble by a 100 year old lady was not how i had envisaged my morning to be,hah! 
I spent the rest of the day helping out at home, getting some work done, tidying my room and just chilling out painting a quote canvas for my wall in the sunshine. In the evening my friend came over and we spent the evening having a chat and listening to some music before i went to bed.
This morning i woke up to the most delcious cooked breakfast ever as we had some friends over that my parents were out with saturday night. I did some homework today and spent the rest of the day in the gym. I hope you've all had a lovely week! :)