Fitness Journey #2 - Update & Gym Routine

I recently wrote my first fitness journey post and now a couple weeks later im doing another. Like a little update post, telling you what ive been doing and whats going on.
I have seen such incredible results these last few weeks but i have been lacking major motivation, with a new job and a levels balancing the gym in between it all has been a challenge. But a challenge ive throughly enjoyed.
I've found that instead of setting my usual 250 calorie burning goal on the treadmill i thought i would give interval training a go. 
I love it. I use the preset profiles but you choose your options eg. time, difficulty etc.
I did mine on the highest difficulty because i only did it for about 20 minutes, it was tough, alot of constant changing speed and gradient, but i loved it.
The fact that each 'interval' only lasts about 50 seconds, it can be brutally fast on a high gradient but you know it won't last long.
After that ive been doing my 7 minute work out on the mats. I highly reccomend this app, ive actually brought alot of the workouts, so im currently doing the core workout.
After this i head to the weights and machines.
I have also been loving calf raises and step ups on the power plate ( a vibrating plate that gives the muscles a high speed workout by vibrating meaning they contract and relax, a whole post on this coming soon!) 

 I have been eating alot worse this last few weeks though, but i don't mind hah. Ive had more snacks than usual and haven't been as aware of what i'm eating, but thats totally okay because ive still seen such progress and just work extra hard on my gym days.
I have also learnt to cool down due to aching constantly in my legs, core or arms due to working out. I just didnt see as an essential part, until the next couple days when im literally struggling to move.

Next week i want to post a little workout routine, so keep your eyes out for that!