Haul #47 - New Look, Super Drug & Stationary Shopping!

Ages ago i did a huge new look online order because i was fed up of going into my local store and seeing pieces i wanted but not in my size and nearly a month later i'm finally sharing it all with you now! 

I picked up this denim skirt which ive wanted for ages, its actually £20 in the adult new in section, but only £10 in the kids, so i brought it in the sale there.

I also brought this beautiful suedette style skirt for £12.99, which in my opinion is an absolute bargain, unlike the denim skirt the zip on this actually works hah, so i must be careful of that.

For £7.99 i picked up this maroon colour jumper, because i wanted a new jumper, this one is so soft, ive actually got it on right now while writing this,hah. Its also got a little split up the side which i love on every single piece i own with splits up the side.

For £3.99 i brought this layered necklace, i love the dark reds and purples on the necklace, i think its going to be perfect for autumn and winter.

I was also desprate for some new ankle boots, so i brought this (from the kids section again, praise having smaller feet) these were only £9 in the sale, but even at their full price of £19.99, still a  bargain!

In superdrug i recently brought a hairspray, but it was 2 for £2. I also needed a travel size listerine as i left mine in ediburgh, so i picked that up and it was 3 for £3, so i also got a new portable fold up toothbrush, which by the way is so handy and a mini pack of make up wipes for my school bag.

My mouse completely broke down on me the other day so i picked up this little wireless one with a plug in USB from Asda for £7 and while there i got a new ruler, pack of pens and some stabilo felt tips for next year at school!

I also popped into home bargains and was chuffed to see they had re-stocked my favourite candles in other scents, so i picked up these two for £1.99 each to try as ive nearly finished sweet pea.