How To Be Confident | Body Confidence

Ages ago i began this series on my blog called 'How to be confident'. Since begining that series ive touched on thigh gaps, perfection, happiness and anxiety. All of these posts have been incredibly popular with you all and today i wanted to write another, this time on bikini body confidence.

I chose today to talk about body confidence seeing as i recently wrote my fitness update i thought i should talk about body confidence.
Inspired by the amazing team at better help, after I found this article all about self esteem, you can find the link Here, really a great read all about self esteem and ways to treat your body right, have a read!
Finally summer is over, but for me around summer is one of the worst self-esteem season for me as I more of your body tends to be on show, so you may feel more self concious due to this and thats where the whole bikini body phrase comes from, but i am a firm believer of working with what you've got.
Why do we, especially around summer, always feel more self concious of our bodies, why do we feel we have to do so much more to try and get the 'perfect bikini body' a body thats ready to walk along the beach. My question is whats wrong with the body you've already got, why cant we learn to embrace our bodies, stick a bikini on and a smile.
For these posts i always do a lot of research to get my thoughts around it all and help build up my opinion  and while i was doing that i stumbled across this speech by Jameela Jamil on body confidence and its incredible and really changed the way i thought, i'll link it at the end of the post, but please check it out, its wonderful.

I'm highly aware that all of this body shaming and people feeling like they haven't got the perfect body comes from the media and individuals perception of what they should look like due to comparison with other people. I think the main thing people have forgotten is that everyone's different and everyone has different body types. The famous instagram account you follow full of fitness photos of 'perfect bodies'  the women featured on there, its their job to workout, they are personal trainers and maybe don't indulge in as many of the foods you do. They might follow a strict diet where they find themselves constantly hungry, but they've got a perfect body right.
No. Everyone has a body, you make it perfect by filling yourself with confidence.
Everyones body is different, some people have naturally wide hips, meaning slimmer legs, some people have a tiny waist, some people have a huge bum, some people have broader shoulders.

Instead of focusing on how you can make your body 'bikini ready' focus on making yourself confident, that comes with it. Your body is your body, your stuck with it, like it or not theres not a great deal you can do to change it, so why cant you try to just step back and embrace it.
Find out what works for you, find your body shape. If you are spending some time on holiday and want to feel confident in a bikini, firstly embrace your shape then go to that expensive bikini shop and try 10 on, find out which one you like best but spend some time deciding.

I don't know if this has even made any sense at all, but i really don't like editing these posts, i just type what i feel and what instantly comes into my head.
So in summary, the perfect bikini body doesnt exist. You've got a body so go find that bikini that makes you feel 1 million dollars. You need to appreciate and embrace what you've got and not pick out the negatives, instead just understand your body and try and feel positive.

If you want to read more of my How To Be Confident Series check out the link here and to watch my favourite body confidence speech ever by Jameela Jamil click the link here.