Life Chat - Feelings

I feel a chat is needed. Contrary to what you may believe, i am an incredibly organised person. I bulk write blog posts at a time so i can post them when i'm busy so its one less thing to stress about. Hence why some posts go up and i totally forgot they were ever there and i apologise for their lateness.
However, i was just sat on my bed, wrapped in a blanket looking outside when i felt the need to pull myself out of bed and write a blog post. 
So - i took to my motivational monday folder, filled with quotes and i want to simply share some that put feelings into words. Not too much thought involved, just a selection of little sentences stringed together in an attempt to make you feel better. So please - have a read. 3rd one is a killer.

There is something so simplistic about having a scroll down my tumblr feed, but after doing so i feel a heck lot better. Reading pieces of writing about people feeling the same as you is strangely satisfying, knowing your not the only one feeling that way.
Sometimes life just gets a little tricky. 
I just feel a little out of it, slightly confused and disappointed, but it'll get better it always does. 

I think this post has proven to me why i don't write posts on a whim anymore, i like to write them and edit them and check them multiple times. I'm not a on the spot type of person any more, i need to plan and this was not planned.
I might not even post this. I don't know. But if you're feeling a little bit under the weather i highly suggest a scroll on tumblr. I want to create a page on my blog for all my favourite little relatable quotes, mainly for myself. But if you find any good quotes or pieces of text hit me up, my contact details are under the heading 'get in touch' on the right hand side of my blog homepage but with the subject 'BLOG' and ill be sure to feature them in my little page.