Review | Bourjois Blusher - 62 Santal

I'm a huge borjous fan. I adore their foundations, powders, lipsticks, serums and primers. But until recently i was yet to try any of their blushers. I got this on offer when i brought two foundations from borjois recently and i'm so impresssed.
I'm not a huge blusher fan though, since having rosy cheeks i like my foundation to look flawless and the whole aim is to reduce the rosiness so adding it back in defeats the whol objective.

So i opted for a more bronzy colour blush that i chose especially for contouring/bronzing.
I contour and bronze daily, but i wanted a slitly more autumnal brown colour to add ontop of my contour for more of an autumnal look. It makes sense in my head hah. But seriously, using a warm bronzer/blusher warms your face up and makes your contour stand out more, win win.
I have been using this daily to warm up my face in colour and it works a treat. The size of the pot is perfect for throwing in your bag or travel make up bag. I'm not a massive fan on the brush that it comes with, but its a useful size for travelling.

I'm completely love this blusher that i dont use for blusher, i hope borjois come out with some darker blushes so i can purchase some more that aren't a rosy pink colour. I just love this blusher for Autumn and know it's going to be perfect  as I so much prefer a warm bronze/contour rather than a pinky blush because I think it looks so much more natural!!