Review | Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

I've always struggled with eyeliner. It either applies to thickly, doesnt last all day, smudges everywhere, is slightly off colour or fades. 
I was just about to give up when i thought instead of trying a pen i could try a pot, despite it being trickier to use, i find it has worked perfectly for me. 

I chose to try the new maybelline gel eyeliner, with lasting drama for up to 24 hours. It comes with a little two ended brush, one a smudge sponge to smudge it out if you need to, the other end is a stiff brush to apply it with. The only problem i find is that is sometimes i get too much product on the brush and then wipe it off with my finger and then it stains my finger and you need to properly scrub to get it off, i guess it shows how good the liner is and how long it lasts for.

I am so incredibly impressed with this i cant even begin to describe how much i love it.
Its tricky to apply but once youve got past that bit its a dream as it lasts all day and doesnt smudge or move an ounce on my eyelids so im completely in love.
I had expected the liner to be very liquidy in the pot and for it to be super messy, but the product in the pot is solid which helps to reduce smudging and makes a hell lot easier to apply.

So, if you were like me and about to give up on liquid eyeliner, give this one a try as i guarentee youll be impressed, The small little pot also makes it incredibly easy to bring around with you and you dont need to worry about the lids of pens drying up or which way to store it. The two ended brush also comes with plastic covers for travelling and storing too.