Tutorial | Perfect Cat Eye

I've never been a master at liquid eyeliner. It really is something that practice makes perfect, tedious i know, but practice and it wont take half as long. 
Today ive gathered together my top tips and top products to use to create the perfect cat eye, quickly. 

I start off by using the maybelline gel eyeliner, i use the little brush that comes with it and i gently apply this along my upper lash line, sticking very close and not applying too much pressure.

i go back over this after i've given it a minute to dry, this helps to even out the line and smooth out the line.

When i get close to the end of my lashes, i open my eye and finish it off just at the end, i dont do a flick, i just sort of angle it off using the brush.

Then working with my eyes open i work from my lower lashline and create a line that follows from my lower lashline onto the angled off liner ive done previously using the maybelline gel. I use a liquid liner for this because i think the finish is more precise. Pens can be easier to use, but after a lot of practice im confident using a brush liner.

Top Tips
  • Try a number of products out from the highstreet before splurging. I use a gel pot and a brush, both the hardest way to apply liner but they work for me. I find pens dont work as well and dont tend to last as long, but try around and see what works for you.
  • Practice, practice practice
  • Accept it's not always going to go well. Somedays ive tried it and its just not my day and i accept its not going to work so i wipe it off.
  • Apply it after foundation and eyeshadow, but before mascara. This helps to see your lash line better in an attempt to get a neater line. But, i curl my lashes before doing my liner.
  • Use cotton buds to remove any excess liner or to get rid of little mistakes by dabbing some eye make up remover onto the bud and then gently sweeping it where you have made an error. 
  • Do the flick with your eyes open, this helps for it to be more natural and not too far off and away from your lashes. 
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