Haul #49 - 17th Birthday Haul

It was recently my 17th birthday and i got some lovely presents that i cannot wait to share with you all today! Ive chosen some of my favourites, things that are fairly relative to my blog to share.
I got these two books from my parents that ive wanted for ages, one a beauty book, the other a little bit of everything, reviews coming soon.

My parents brought my some L plates for my car, when i get one, and my uncle has so kindly paid for all of my driving lessons which i am so excited about!!

Every sunday i sit in bed and watch the michalaks vlog of the week and hannah has her own make up bag range, so my sister so kindly brought me one, i absolutely love it.
I am going to use it for toiletries when i go away, because its too expensive and too precious to get dirty with make up and brushes.

I got so many clothes, but for the most annoying reason none of them fitted how i wanted or looked exactly how i wanted, so i took them back and got a £60 new look voucher to spend.
From my best friend Joe i got a £20 new look voucher, a mac voucher from another friend and TK Maxx voucher from another, totally spoilt.

I got so many cute make up items and perfume for my birthday, here are my favourites and i can't wait to try them all out and review them all on here ever so soon.

 I treated myself with some birthday money to a new bag, because its my 17th so you know, had to be done. I adore this bag, but the only issue i have is with the shoulder strap as its so thin and i love packing my bag to the brim so i won't be able to use the strap, but this was £20 and i love it, such a classic autumn/winter style and colour.

From my grandma and my parents i got another three beads for my trollbead braclet which i adore. Each bead for me is so sentimental and although its such an expensive piece of jewellery i wear it every single day and love it so much.