#HTB - Camera & Tripod

A while ago i posted about editing on my blog and the difference it makes. Today i wanted to talk about equipment i use as i feel blogging is something that on the surface seems incredibly effortless but in actual fact there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind a post, whether it's the photos, editing, planning, scheduling, drafting or endless tries at attempting to get that perfect post you envisaged.

So, today i want to talk about the equipment, the items you never get to see but the items that make my job here a lot easier. My camera and my tripod.
I don't think i've spoken about either of these items before on my blog, maybe touched briefly on my camera maybe, but my tripod is a life saver. My what i wore today posts wouldn't be possible without them as there isn't always someone there to help me take them, so my tripod (and self timer) are life savers.

Okay so first up, my camera. I use this camera to take every single one of my blog pictures (apart from my what i ate Wednesday posts and obviously these pictures of my camera, but apart from that)
The camera i use is the Panasonic DMC-FZ150. My parents brought this for me a couple years ago, it costs around £260. Im not really all camera technical person but i feel i know enough.
This partical camera is a 'bridge camera' so its not quite an SLR but is better than a compact camera.
Bridge cameras are great if you want a huge zoom length, compact size, manual viewfinder, high resolution, high shutter speed and other manual options. However, with bridge cameras you can't actually add any lenses to it, but for me thats not a problem.

My favourite feature of this has to be the huge zoom and the flip out screen, incredibly useful when taking outfit photos, although it is a pain to keep having to go back over to reset the self timer, re-focus and run back to the position before the timer starts.
It also has a built in mic, which i super handy for videos. The different programs you can have are incredible, there is a such a wide variety, theres ones for pets, fireworks, beaches and parties.

Next up is my tripod. This is the Titan Miranda TP10. This is perfect because its incredibly compact which was one of my main boxes to tick. Everything folds away so small and fits together well.
At the bottom of the tripod when all folded down there are clips to let the legs fall down to change the height. It also has an added height bonus which can be adjusted.
There are also locks where the camera sits to ensure its tightly fitted and wont move either with a built in spirit level to ensure photos are straight and wont need adjusting.

This tripod has been a life saver for me for all my outfit posts, all my tutorials and many other posts where i need some help. You can purchase the tripod here for around £35. 

I hope you liked this post as it was a little insight into the equipment i use to help with my blog photos and dont forget to check out my #HTB series featuring how i edit blog posts.