Motivational Monday #12

Its monday, you know what that means. 
I found this quote will sifting through my old pintrest boards and it's something i wish i had printed out an put in my room because damn i could have used this advice recently. 
I wanted to pass my advice on to you guys today as this is something that unfortunately unconsciously do  and have only really accepted my errors recently.
Everyone has a strong burning desire to be happy, that's a given. However, i am definitely one of those people who relies on others for my happiness. I put too much effort into people and don't get it back. Even when i do, i just end up getting hurt, but that's another story.
The first way to stop this is to simply accept it, accept the fact you rely on others for your happiness and avoid is as much as you possibly can. 
Since realising this i've tried to be more positive within myself, accepting myself more and being content and happy with myself before i let others in and put unnecessary effort in where it's not deserved.  
In order to gain this positivity i had to find the things i wasn't happy about. I think most of relying on others for your happiness comes from being let down and insecurities. 
After accepting all this i thought why i wasn't content and happy and tried my best to work on these things, i joined the gym ( you can read about my progress here ) 
I do things now that i enjoy and find things that give me happiness, like concerts, blogging, taking pictures, talking and being with people who i enjoy the company of.
By putting your happiness in someone else's hands, when they go it hurts, it really hurts.
So, instead of putting your all into someone who won't appreciate it and putting them before things that make you happy or simply relying on them for your happiness, put yourself first. Do things you enjoy and be happy with yourself before you let others in. 
I also want to add, this is a subconscious thing. You dont physically hand over your happiness to someone else, its an automatic thing you do hah, but you have to stop it because it never ends well.