My Week #60

I'm 17!! This week has been a mixed bag, some awful days, some great days , but ive enjoyed it none the less.
On monday it was my birthday, it seems so long ago now, but i had the most tremendous day ever!
I had my first driving lesson on my birthday, a complete suprise and super scary but brilliant.
I spent the day with my family eating some delicious cake and loving life. On tuesday i spent the day doing some homework, went into town with my mum and did a little bit of shopping for essentials. I then worked in the evening and on wednesday i went shopping with my birthday money and vouchers in bath which was so much fun. I worked wednesday night too and then on thursday i did some more homework and chilled out, i also met with my friend meg which was so fabulous! Friday, well yeah, an intresting day and then i worked in the evening which was just what i needed to take my mind off things. Then yesterday i saw my friend Elise and we got ready to go out for a halloween party which was so much fun and i loved it! Today i spent the day working, woo.
Tonight i plan to complete some homework, tidy my room and chill out hah.
Hope you've all had a great week!