My Week #62

What a hetic week. Seriously crazily busy! I spent most of my evenings down the gym, working or sorting my room out while juggling homework. However. on friday i went to work and had such a wonderful time then came home and frantically packed for a busy saturday, On saturday me and my family went to cribbs causeway shopping for christmas which was super wonderful, i loved it! 
Then we went to our friends in oldbury for the evening for a wonderful meal and a catch up. We then stayed over their house and then came home super early as i had to work all day today. I loved it but as usual it really tired me out. This evening ive tried to relax a little and have re-done my photo wall which i adore now and i also tided up my whole make up collection.
After this i plan to sit down and breathe for a minute as i feel this whole day has been non-stop then get into bed and what im a celeb, hah, i cannot wait!
Hope you've had a great week! :)