Review | Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

Oh my goodness me, How stunning is this palette? Ive been drolling over it for a good month now and decided the other day to bite the bullet and purchase it. This is a stunning blush palette from revolution, a make up brand available in superdrug. I'd never heard of them until recently when i stumbled across their stand. They mainly sell palettes, eyeshadow, contour,blush etc.
But this one really stood out to me, it's called golden sugar, and despite being branded as a brush palette i have been using the colours for highlighter and bronzer
I cant even look at it without smiling, its so bloody beautiful. The colours all look stunning together, this really is the palette with everything you need within it.
The best part of the palette apart from the beautiful colours, that by the way have wonderful textures and are very easy to blend and apply to the skin, is the mirror.
This mirror is huge so its perfect to put in your travel make up bag as it includes a mirror, something most palettes lack.
I still cant get over the fact that this only set me back £6. £6 for 8 gorgeous blush shades and a huge mirror, what a steal. I have been back at the revolution stand again looking to purchases others but they are always sold out of the ones im looking for, clearly very popular and rightly so.
If you're looking for a new palette, i highly recommend this beauty!