Review | Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara

I've never tried any seventeen mascaras before, but i recently fell back in love with this one so thought i would write a review for you all.

I think the packagaing on all of the seventeen mascaras is brilliant. They all look good quality and very nice. The colour choices are equally as good and they all look so fab against eachother. For me the packaging has to be spot on for me to even consider buying it.

The wand itself is fabulous. Its quite slim and the bristles get thinner and fewer towards the end of the brush which is super handy for getting to the smaller lashes in the inner corners.
The bristles are nicely spaced apart and that's what gives you the natural looking lashes, with no clumps. They look separated but by using the wand sideways and 'shimming' the brush it gives you more volume and added length.

The results on the box are incredible and look absolutely insane. My sort of dream lashes and that's one of the reasons why i didn't hesitate purchasing it, even with a larger price tag.
This mascara is said to give you both length and volume, most mascaras do one or the other, this definitely does both and i love it
I've never once used one mascara on its own, i always use at least two, because i never find one that does exactly what i wanted. In the picture i have used it on its own, but after trying it out a little, i have found the perfect combination and i love how it turns out using the va va voom mascara too.

I'm really impressed with this mascara and would love to try more, but that will be when i have reduced my current mascara collection. I own 15 mascaras, its crazy and i don't need that many. This has been the one i have been reaching for daily, i love it and its only £6.99.