Christmas Organisation Tips

Since Christmas is quickly approaching i thought it would be a good idea to mention some ideas on how you can get organised and ready for christmas.
There is nothing i hate more than busy shops, so this year i got super organised, got out a notebook and wrote the main people in my life and presents next to their names and as i'm purchasing them i am crossing them out.
Im writing this a few days before it'll be posted and im already 70% done getting presents and all the ones i have brought are wrapped, thats organisation for you. 

I suggest getting christmas cards early, they were being sold in October but i refused to purchase them that early. I used to get them in a mad rush a couple days before christmas, but this year i got them all mid-November as that's one other thing off the list.

Wrapping paper, labels, bags, cello tape and ribbon are wrapping essentials.
I highly reccomend the card factory for all this sort of thing. I got these bags 4 for £1, 40 lables for 99p, 3 rolls of 2m paper for £1.99 and a bag of 24 bows and ribbons for 59p.

I find it super useful to make a list before i start shopping so i at least have a rough idea of what i'm intending to purchase. I think chocolates are obviously a wonderful present, i got this milk tray for £2 from superdrug due to the double points offer. Candles this time of year are essential, i love this set of 3 from Yankee Candle, all christmas scents too which is perfect.
Beauty product sets are a great buy too, however, sometimes i find they are so overpriced, so have a look for ideas and then if it works out cheaper to purchase them all individually and just wrap them up nicely and decorate them i think that's a better option. I also love personalised presents, where effort has clearly been put in. Even something simple like a photo frame. But i also love making personalised calenders on photobox, something so easy to do yet so meaningful.