Goodbye 2015

I thought I would quickly take this opportunity to look back over this year as I do every year. I'm planning to do a hello 2016 post soon to think about the yer ahead but for now, This year has been a right mix for me, some wonderful moments! I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and becoming closer with some people I never thought I would be close with, I love it! After successful surving 2 weeks alone with my sister when my parents went to South Africa I was so proud and really grew up as a person (sadly not literally, still 5"5) The second half was by far the best (but also worst) for me. I went to centre parks with my best friends and that was amazing! I also finished school, got 12 GCSE's and had the most amazing summer ever. Partied way too much, went to Camp Bestival, Plymouth, Edinburgh and Wales with my friends. 
I learnt more about myself, so cheesy I know, but despite some ups and downs I have been a heck lot happier this year! 
I've finally put my anxiety behind me and have become a much stronger person with a backbone. I used to be so shy and quiet and now I feel more confident and happy to stick up for myself and not get messed around! 

However, sadly that still happens and this has been a good year for that haha, so in 2016 I'm determined to not get messed around and be a happier all round person. I also found a new love this year, exercising! After joining the gym back in May I have become a much happier person too, I've found something to distract me from all the bad stuff and something to make me feel better. I feel a lot more healthier, toned and happier, so £40 a month has been truly worth it! 
I also finally got myself a job, I love it, working with people you get along with has to be the best feeling ever and I look forward to work. I have also continued to grow my clothing collection in my wardrobe (currently saving up for a new wardrobe as mines broken from the amount of content) I've continued to love make up and have grown my collection to the limit! Anyway, this year has been an absolute roller coaster, I've hated some minutes and loved the next and cannot wait to put some memories behind me and get 2016 underway!! 
also, happy 3rd  birthday to my blog for tomorrow!!<3