My Week #66

I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas, what the heck.
This week has been fab, filled with chilled out more relaxed days at school which i have loved although i do have a ridiculous amount of homework. I have been working loads this week, on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday nights. On thursday i went to my friends Alex's to stay with the girls so we could get ready for our revue the next day where everyone dresses up. Getting ready with them was so much fun and i thoroughly enjoyed the whole day at school too and have never laughed so much at performances and nominations. Then on friday night i went to work, then came home and all my friends were round and ready to go out. we went to our sixth form social and despite so many people not getting in and so many people i didn't even know being there i thoroughly enjoyed myself. It finished early so about 20 of us all walked back to mine before we went to someone elses to carry on the party, hah! On saturday after everyone left mine i was home alone all day so sorted my room out and got lots of jobs done. Today i've been working all day which has been loads of fun as we all did secret santa too, i got  a framed Justin bieber picture from one of my friends there after our long standing jokes, then a £25 new look voucher too, I'm a lucky gal!