My Week #67

I've had such a wonderful, busy week! On monday i went into town to do a little bit of christmas shopping and finish off getting what i needed to get. Then i did the same sort of thing on tuesday with a bit of homework too. I went down to my nans to walk her dog for her which was super lovely. Then in the evening i went to work then afterwards with my friend we went to McDonalds then for a drive, super classy. On wednesday i got loads done at home, blogging, homework and did some christmas baking too. I also got another asos order and sent a few pieces back too that weren't quite right.
Then on thursday i went out with my mum to get the last christmassy bits and bobs, it was super busy. I also took some outfit photos with my sisters wonderful help. 
Then before i knew it christmas had arrived. I went down to see my nan and uncle before coming home to see my grandma and have our friends come over to spend christmas with. I had an amazing day and recievd some wonderful presents. On boxing day me and my mum got up ridculously early to go shopping then i came back home got into bed watched some tv then spent the whole day watching films and putting presents away, exactly how it should be spent. Me and my mum then went driving, i drove, my gosh it was so scary but so fun hah!
Then today i was working all day and then came home and went for a walk with my sister to end the week. Hope you've all had a wonderful week! :)