Review | Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals

Oh my gosh. Can we just take a minute. How beautiful is this. Wow oh my gosh.
I received this for my 17th birthday after i kept awing over it every time i was in superdrug, so i put it on my birthday list and its more beautiful than i ever thought was possible.

There are four colours in here and each one is used for highlighting a different part of the face. its such a handy size as well which is perfect for containing everything you need in one small palette with a mighty mirror, thank you sleek for having a mirror.

 Platinum, the top left, is used for highlighting under the brow bone. Royal gold, top right, is designed to highlight and down the bridge of your nose. Bottom left, Renaissance Gold, bottom left is used for your cupid bow, to make your lips look more prominent then use Antique bronze for highlighting along cheek bones.

Some are cream formulas and one is a powder, this really helps give such a gorgeous metallic glow to your face which i absolutely love.
If i want it to be subtle i use my fingertips, bur for added precision  i use my royal concealer brush because its good for blending and super small.