The Edit | Favourite Beauty Products of 2015

The other day I spoke about my favourite make up products of 2015 so now i'm going to chat about my favourite beauty products. 
I have an extensive collection of every beauty product you could ever need from eye creams to night hair serums, fake tan to colour conditioner so picking out items was actually really difficult. I wanted to mention items that i have loved throughout 2015, rather than just a few weeks.

First up is my beloved Garnier Micellar water. I used to be a cleanser and toner gal, but i soon found this was getting to expensive. Having to repurchase them so often and using twice the amount of cotton pads left me loosing alot of money. So this year i changed to using a micellar water to remove my make up and gosh i love it. I'm so happy with how it works and its so easy and lasts ages!
Obviously this means i need to wash or exfoliate my face more often due to slacking on my skincare routine. So this year i fell in love with the nivea daily essentials gentle exfoliating scrub and have been using this weekly and actually sticking to it. This helps my skin feel so clean, soft, fresh and hydrated. Another beauty item i've loved is this sure bright bouquet anti-perspriant. I am not kidding this is one of the most wonderful scents ive ever smelt, so using this daily has been a joy. This isn't a sticky deodorant, it dries quickly and smells heavenly.

I switch up my shampoo and conditioners reguarlly so i couldnt choose anything like that for my hair favourite, so instead i chose something i've loved throught out the year but have probably not spoken about a great deal. This is the miraculour recovery creme serum that eliminates frizz, treats split ends, repairs damage and nourishes your hair. You can apply this to wet or dry hair and my gosh it makes all the difference and makes my hair feel 100x better.
My favourite body wash had to be the sugar crush fresh & foamy. This is an insane citrus scent that really really wakes you up in the morning. It also lathers extremely well and lasts for soo long.
That's all for my favourite beauty products of 2015. Have a wonderful Christmas