Fitness Journey #3 - The Importance of Eating

As you all know from my previous fitness journey posts, read them all here, over the last 6 months ive been making a few changes, heading to the gym and simply being aware of what i eat.
I've spoken briefly about a workout routine, but a full post on that will be coming shortly, before i delved deeply into workout routines i researched a lot into eating and food.

I am a huge food lover, i love trying new food and i'm the furthest away from being a vegetarian ever. I couldn't follow a strict diet, i like cake, ice cream and all that good stuff way to much and besides my whole plan was to tone up, build muscle not to stop eating all the delicious food i love.
But, loosing weight and building muscle etc starts in the kitchen. You can't hop on the treadmill for an hour burn near 700 calories and then go and eat a McDonald's, it doesn't work like that.

I think i found a happy medium, i have found some delicious foods that i adore through being more outgoing. On an average day i will eat 3 main meals and snack healthily in between, i feel this works best for me and I've found some really tasty foods through doing this. By eating a healthy balanced diet your ensuring your body gets all the necessary nutrients it requires and protecting yourself from illness and fighting off colds etc.
I use a website to calculate the average daily calorie intake you need for your age, exercise amounts, weight and height,click here to find yours. Mine is around 1,800, a little bit more than the average for my age and height due to the fact that i exercise intensely nearly every day.
I aim to eat this amount every day as it's important to maintain a healthy diet and muscle.

However, this some weeks i can be been feeling a little down and i don't usually feel like eating alot of food,or the amount i exercise i do weekly drops due to feeling so rubbish and the effects are instant, literally from exercising constantly to stopping one week or doing a little less you can easily see the effects its had.
When this happens to me i can see the loss of muscle due to missing meals, so i tend to hit the gym hard.
Some weeks i eat alot less,mainly due to what i'm doing, but this doesnt at all mean ive lost weight, that's the whole point of this post i want to tell you all how important it is not to skip meals.
By eating a diet that has a calorie aim of less that 1,100 a day has very damaging effects.
By following this sort of diet, you loose muscle instead of body fat as your body lacks energy so it takes it from your stored fat, but before that your muscle. This lowers your metabloic rate so when you come to eat, its burned slower and stored. Your body stores any food you eat as fat as it feels it is being starved, this increases your body fat percentage and then your muscle is used for energy which creates the muscle tone loss.
It is so so important to eat regular meals every single day while working out to keep a healthy body and to not let all you efforts go to waste. I don't know if thats at all noticeable from my last fitness journey post, but after skipping and not eating as much/exercsing as much i tried to do more than usual in an attempt to get back to where i was.
Also little add on- this cropped hoody is the cosiest thing ive ever brought!!