Hello 2016

Happy New Year!! The other day i wrote a post called 'Goodbye 2015' where i briefly reflected on the year and spoke about the best and the worst bits. Now I'm writing a post welcoming the new year and all it has to offer. It's a fresh start, a way to forget about all that's happened before, a clean slate.
However, despite all that i do feel that every single day is a fresh start a chance to start again.
Last year i had a few resolutions that i made, i succeed in some and miserably failed in the others.
One of my main resolutions was to 'be more positive' this will stick with me into 2016, Although i do feel that i have been more positive on a whole this year, definitely! Another that will stick with me is to 'get outside more', 'appreciate each moment', 'take and print more pictures', 'fall even more in love with clothes' and 'laugh every single day'. This year i want to follow these again as well as trying to spend less money, stay away from fuckboys, write more blog posts an read more.
I prefer having multiple resolutions, more to work towards and try and achieve.
So anyway, after feeling my new year starts today after being so ill yesterday hah.
Happy 2016. I always do a 6 month review, so keep your eye out for that in June.