My Week #68

What a fab week. Since getting mocks out the way my week has been much more chilled and i feel i have my life back hah! I didnt really do a lot this week despite chilling out in the evenings at home. I worked tuesday night which was super quiet and chilled, then on wednesday i went to my best friend elises house to finally do a christmas present swap, incredibly overdue but so worth the wait.
On thursday i had a driving lesson and did parking and i was actually pretty damn good, ive nearly finsihed all my lessons now which is absolutey terrifying hah! But i am in no rush to do my test as i need to save up! On friday evening i went to my bffs megs house to meet her horses and get ready together before meeting all of our friends. I had such a wonderful evening, so so much fun and from what i remember it was brilliant! On saturday i spent the day at home in bed doing work and then went to work in the evening. Then ive been working all day today, so a busy week but lots of fun.