My Week #69

What a great week! I've loved this week I've got so much done and worked so so much! I worked Tuesday,Thursday and Friday nights so was completely rushed off my feet all week and the only days I had off I was completing homework and re-doing my photo wall which was so super fun after I recieved my 150 prints I ordered. I also got an Asos order this week which I'm in love with and a huge parcel from make up revolution which was an absolute joy to receive!! On Saturday I went to my mums cousins wedding which was magical, I had such a great day and loved watching such a beautiful couple have a great day and it was brilliant to catch up with family and friends too! Then today I have been working today all day from 11 to 6 which has been such a killer and now have endless amounts of work to catch up on, I feel my weekends just dssppear now which I absolutley hate,hah!!