Review | No7 Eye Care Collection

In the christmas sales i went to boots and picked up this beautiful eye set from No7. I've only ever tried a brow pencil and eye shadow quad from No7, but loved both so figured i'd try some of their products in the sale for half the price. This set cost me just £10. The mascara itself sold at £13.50 alone so an incredible bargain. 
It came with a No7 stay perfect amazing eye pencil which is wonderful, such a good consistency and incredibly easy to blend. The set included some of their gold eyelash curlers, which i'm honestly not a huge fan of, i've always stuck by my QVS curlers and will continue too. These for my didn't really affect the curl of my lashes at all and i was quite disappointed but its fine as they look beautiful.
There was also a little mini eye make up remover, this is perfect to stick in an overnight make up bag, although it's a little weird, I expected it to be very liquidy and need a lot, but you only need a tiny bit and it dries on the cotton pad quite quickly.
There was also a little mini overnight revitalizing eye balm which I love, it's a really nice gel formula that feels lovely and very hydrating.
Lastly, this lash impact mascara which was a new release around September 2014 for no7 but I don't believe it's sold individually any more so this was a lovely surprise and it's a thick wand and very voluminous so I was super chuffed with this whole set, what a bargain!