Review | Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

I am absolutely in love with Make Up Revolution at the moment, i have reviewed so many of their products on my blog recently and i have so many more to come since receiving a huge order from them! I got this palette for christmas after putting it on my list and i haven't stopped using it since.
This is the ultra base corrector palette, i use it after priming my face so before foundation, this ensures i have a smooth base that is ready for foundation.
All of these cream color correctors are super easy to blend and i like using my expert face brush to do this and help balance out my complexion. All these colors help to balance out discolorations and correct blemishes naturally.
Each shade has a different purpose. The pink shade helps to brighten up your face. The lilac shade neutralises yellow tones while the green (my personal favourite) reduces redness.
Orange helps to neutralise blue tones and the peach helps balance out slight discoloration which helps with any hyper-pigmentation. The white is a natural highlight and brightens the face. The cream neutralises purple and help to cover dark areas on the face and the brown helps balance ashiness in medium to darker skin tones. This palette only costs £6 and it's absolutely wonderful, 100% revoked this to try and achieve a smoother complexion and use colour corrector to try and eliminate any problems!