What To Wear | Ultimate Vegas Outfit*

Recently i received an email from vegas.com asking me to  participate in their search for the #ultimatevegasoutfit by having a look on their website, finding my dream place to stay or visit and put together a little outfit post.
I looked around their website and found the perfect place and my gosh after researching it further this is somewhere i actually really want to visit.
I immediatly was drawn to the selection of clubs, nightclubs, bars etc and chose the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub  which is 51 stories high, how insane would that be.

After looking more i saw there was an attire that had to be met for entry. How cool is that. So i immediatly knew what i would wear, i purchased this a while ago from new look and have worn it a couple times already and i'm in love. 

Dress to impress. No hats, white t-shirts, tank tops, baggy pants, shorts, sandals, flip flops, white tennis shoes, athletic or gym wear of any type. Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest who does not meet dress code requirements.' 

This is a lace body con, mini dress that sells for £14.99. An absolute bargain! This is a high neck dress and also comes in a maroon shade. You can see it for sale here

I would team it with my gorgeous strap heels, also from new look, for £24.99, because they give height and have a platform so are ever so slightly less painful hah! 

I absoltuely loved the detail written about this club. So realistic and it really does feel very personal and damn i want to go there so badly!
''Inside often sometimes can feel like those house parties you went to in college. There is no defined dance floor so that makes pretty much everything fair game. Dance on the tables, booths, chairs and the little bit of a walkway if you wish -- it all adds to the fun. You might get in trouble if you literally dance on the tables, but it makes for a great Snap chat to send that ex''

But i hope you've enjoyed this post. Thank you to vegas.com for getting in touch with me, Lots of Love X