Review | B. Brush Cleanser

Cleaning brushes is not my strong point. I often forget, leaving it too long between cleans resulting in me having bad skin for a week due to all the bacteria on my brushes. It's really a disgusting thought and you'd think that knowing this i'd step up to the plate and put some effort in to cleaning them, nope. But then recently i brought two new make up brush cleansers, ones a gel and this is a spray. Both in order to try and get my cleaning up to scratch and make it a lot easier.
This make up brush cleanser retails at around £10 and is from B. in superdrug.
I cannot explain how easy this is, it's really changed the game.
It's like a spray and you simply spray onto the brush a couple of pumps and then i swirl the brush on a flannel (i use a dark pink flannel for this as it's a thick material and doesn't show dirt that easily, the muslin provided is a thin cotton and white, which i don't find very practical)
After swirling it around i leave it to air dry and then in a couple of hours it's ready to use again.
This also smells incredible and the scent really does last. This is perfect for on the spot cleaning. If for example i know i have an occasion the next day i will do this the night before. Every two/three weeks i still use my real techniques brush gel too. But for such an affordable price this is so easy and really conditions and cleans my brushes quickly leaving them smelling beautiful.
I can only find the smaller size on the superdrug website, but if you're interested you can read more and purchase it here.