Review | Mac Prep & Prime Fix+

WOW. I had a mac voucher for christmas and brought a couple of things inluding this beauty. I was desperate to try it but at £17 for 100ml i was slightly sceptical. I was tempted to purchase the smaller one for £10 for 30 ml, but it made sense to just get an extra 70ml for another £7 and my gosh i made the best decision ever. Despite some people believing this is a setting spray to 'set' your make up it's actually a fixing spray. It refreshes your skin and finished make up by taking off the powdery, cakey edge from make up to make it appear fresher and blended.
To use apply make up as normal and then hold the spray about 30cm away from your face and instantly, and i mean instantly, your face will look more refreshed and less cakey. It really helps blend it all together creating a gorgeous natural finish. I can't even explain how much i adore this product. It is alot of money but i am sure this will last a very long time. Since using this product my make up is better and lasts all day instead of going all cakey. 100% worth spending £17 on and this has become a staple product of mine forever i can tell.
You can purchase this for £17 here from the mac website.