Revolution Ultra Professional Collection 2016

I wanted to share with you all what i got when i received my revolution ultra professional collection for 2016. This is a gorgeous beauty set from make up revolution containing some of their '2016 essentials'. I think this is now completely out of stock, but if you can find this anywhere and get your hands on it i 100% would, its such a good price for all that you get inside.
Inside the huge box you get an eyeshadow palette which contains a huge array of colours from nudes to blues and blacks. You also get their famouns contour kit and blusher set which ive wanted to try for ages. A separate highlighter is in the set the pro illuminate one. There are 3 brushes as well, one big powder brush and two eyeshadow brushes, ones a little smaller and the other is a fluffy blending brush. You get four lip products, two glosses and two lipsticks. One of each is a brighter for example, the lipsticks one is red and the others nude. A little eye primer is also included which is brilliant for making your eye make up last that little bit longer. There is also a liquid eyeliner. I cant get over how good this set is and i feel honored to own it.