My Week #70

What a brilliant week. On Monday this week I went to go and buy myself a new laptop because I was fed up of my broken laptop that keep freezing constantly. That was about as exciting as my evenings get now, hah! On Tuesday evening I was working again and had a lot of fun but was so tired. This week I have had so much work to do but haven't had any time at all to do it which means I am now so so behind. On Wednesday it was parents evening and then I came home to realise my blog was down again, I've finally sorted it all out now and have got my custom domain back. Thursday I got home and smashed out about 2 hours of coursework before my driving lesson, then I went out for a meal with my friends from work afterwards and I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my entire life, so worth it though! Then on Friday night I was working and had a late night doing homework. Yesterday was my Uncles birthday so we went out for breakfast in this cute restaurant in a little village and that was so lovely before I went to my friends house for the day, which was equally as lovely. In the evening I was working again which was so tiring, and today I've been working all day as well and it was so incredibly busy I don't think I've ever done so much running around in one day. Cannot wait to get in my pyjamas and sit down and relax, hah! Hope you've had a lovely week!