My Week #71

This week has been super lovely, quite relaxed and I've loved it! After such a busy weekend I spent Monday night relaxing at home doing homework and coursework. I was working Tuesday evening and then on Wednesday went into town to put some money into the bank and then went out to TK Maxx to get some new clothes, definitely not needed but good fun anyway! On Thursday I had a driving lesson and then straight after went up to work as I was covering someone's shift, it was super busy then when I came home I was so tired after such a hetic evening. Then on Friday I was also working in the evening and got home super late. Yesterday was the first Saturday I've had free to myself in what seems like forever, so I had a nice lie in, made myself an omelette, went out for a run, saw my grandma, took lots of blog outfit photos, edited them, did some homework and tidied out my wardrobe. I sorted through all my clothes and was pretty ruthless with what I kept because it's dawned on me now how many clothes I have. However, this didn't stop me sitting down and doing a huge new look order in the evening.
Today I have been working all day as usual which was super tiring and now I plan to spend my evening relaxing and doing some last minute coursework.