What I Ate Thursday #4

It feels like forever since i last did a what i ate wednesday post, so I'm doing it on a Thursday. These always slip my mind completley and then i'll take the photos and think about posting it on friday, two days late so i have to wait until a week after and then i forget hah, its a vicious circle. 
But better late than never,ay? 
I'm still enjoying my usual Jordans strawberry crisp cereal for breakfast every morning with a glass of orange juice or a nutribullet depending on the fruits available. 
For lunch i had one of my favourite meals ever. It's a bit of a mis-match and thats what i adore. 
I had a couple slices of ham, cucumber, tomatoes, crisps, brie cheese and my favourite onion chutney. 
Then for dinner my dad did this increible dish. We had stuffed peppers, tomatoes and courgettes. They contained rice, veg, onion and chilli. It was one of the most delicious things i've ever eaten.