Whats In My | Repurchase Box

Under my bed i keep this jack wills box full of products that i have repurchased as i'm running low and will need replacing soon. I like to do this to ensure i don't just run out and then suddenly have nothing to replace it with. I also keep in here duplicates, for example if there is a buy one get one free offer, the one i'm not using will be kept in here until i need it.

I use cotton pads every single day so always like to ensure i have enough. I use these pads from asda as you get 100 in a pack, and they are normally on offer 4 packs for £3, an absolute bargain!
I also have an obscene amount of razor head replacements as i get them in packs of 5 and they cost about £17 each time so when they are on offer i stock up hah!

I also have this simple toner, cleanser and eye make up remover cream as i wanted the cream and it weirdly worked out cheaper in the offer to get two other products too instead of just buying one.
I also have my favourite heavier lipbalm by nivea, this is an excellent over night lip balm.

I have a garnier micellar water of course as well as two little eye make up removers and two nivea day creams, again you can tell i keep my eye out for the offers,hah!

I have a replacement for my favourite mua lipstick as i'm running low. My sleek eyebrow stylist is running low too so i have a replacement for that ans my foundation is struggling to be pumped out now (although there is still a ton in there if you unscrew the cap). I also have a spare pair of QVS curlers for travelling as i like having two sets.