My Week #72

I have genuinely had one of the best weeks of my life. On Sunday last week after work I went to my best friend megs house for a party, I had so so much fun and loved every minute that I can remember. However, on Monday I didn't feel fab so spent the whole day chilling in bed as it was a bank holiday. On Tuesday I was working in the evening after sixth form and that was super good. The other evenings I didn't really do a lot, a bit of homework a bit of chilling and a bit of  working out too. On Friday I went to my friend callums party, which was incredible and I had such a wonderful time. I spent my day yesterday with Charlie, we just chilled all day which is exactly what I needed and then I've been working all day today! I'm looking forward to a week off, full of chilling out,shopping and a bit of work! Hope you've all had a lovely week too!