My Week #73

I've had the best week ever, so much fun. After work on sunday I went down to cornwall with my family for a few days away to chill out and visit some new places. I had the best time ever visiting some beautiful castles and beaches. We also went to the minack theatre, lands end and st ives, the sunsets every night were absolutely incredible so I took full advantage of this and brought my big camera along to capture them perfectly. We also ate some delicious food while we were there, after walking around all day I got hungry pretty quickly and absolutely demolished the burger with cheese, bacon, onion rings and chips that I got (bottom right). However, me and my sister left cornwall early to spend some time at home which left my parents to have a few days to left of the holiday to themselves. We planned to get the train at 6.30am from Truro to get home for 10.30, however there was a train crash on a track that we needed to go on so it wasn't going to where we needed to go. Instead we had to get a later train and then change a few times, it was genuinely one of the worst mornings ever, I get pretty stressed out about timings and I'm very organised and when things don't go to plan it really gets me incredibly anxious and being in unfamiliar places didn't help, but eventually we got home about 3 hours later than we were meant to be due to all the delays and changes. When we got off the train Charlie was waiting for me and my sister so we went to Tesco to get some food before going home and chilling out. Both of us then cooked steaks and chips, I made homemade chips and they were actually alright, was super proud. So an awful day ended perfectly. Then on Friday and Saturday I spent the day 'revising' or thinking about doing work and not actually getting anything done. Then today ive been at work all day and have now got to get ready to go back to school tomorrow.