My Week #74

This week has genuinely been one of the best ever, so good. The weekdays were pretty average, my evenings are now full of working or attempting to revise for my exams in 3 weeks, I'm so unprepared but for some reason I don't even feel stressed, ive passed the point of caring and my gosh I wish I hadn't. On Wednesday I went out driving with my mum in the evening which was super fun, ive now got her car as my own which  has meant I don't have to buy my own car or pay for my insurance as my parents are so kindly doing that for me as a compromise for having my mums old car.
On Friday after school I got loads of work done as I knew I would be busy all weekend. On Saturday I went into town for lunch with Charlie and after we went for a lovely walk along the seafront before we got picked up and went back to his to get ready to go out for a birthday meal with his family, it was so good, I ate so much food it was incredible. On sunday morning I woke up so early so went for a 3ish mile run from my house to the beach and all along the seafront before running home, it was such a brilliant way to start my morning and I felt so happy as it was so quiet and the sun was shining, so peaceful. I got home and got ready to go to charlies for his birthday, we had such a wonderful day and I wouldn't have changed any of it, so so happy.