Review | Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume


I have always been a huge perfume fan, I recently decided to purchase my first higher end, more expensive perfume. I wanted something more summery and more fruity and lighter than my guerlain perfume that my nan brought me last year for Christmas. I went into boots and spoke to the loveliest lady about perfume and we had a really intresting chat, I already knew I wanted a jimmy choo perfume so my choice was already limited down, which I highly recommend doing before going perfume shopping, have an idea on what brand/scent you want otherwise you will be there for hours.

I was looking at the original jimmy choo scent and then found this beautiful limited edition scent, exotic. The lady told me that this is a twist on the original fragrance. This was exactly what I had intended to find so I was so chuffed. This fragrance is based around tiger orchids and has 'notes' of blackcurrant sorbet and pink grapefruit. I am obviously horrendous at describing scents so I asked the lady to write me down a list so I could tell you all
Although this is a limited edition scent I believe this came out last summer, but the packaging was slightly different, it was a blue bottle instead of this baby pink.
This is the only size available, its a 40ml bottle and for £44 that's not too bad. I am incredibly impressed so far and hope it lasts well because I can imagine i'm going to be getting through this very quickly and I obviously don't want that.