Review | Philips Skin Stretcher Epilator


I've got a review today on an epilator that I purchased recently. I've never really spoken about shaving or epilating on my blog before, but it's something we all do. Ages ago I decided instead of shaving using a razor I wanted to use an epilator. In case you don't know an epilator is essentially a device that removes hair by grasping the hair and pulling it out. Not going to lie, it kills, imagine 15-20 tweezers plucking out hair from your skin all at once, but when you use it more and more you get used to the pain and it doesn't hurt as much.
I was using my mums braun silk epil epilator, but it wasn't wireless so became a pain when I wanted to use it, so I decided to buy my own epilator that was wireless and also wet & dry meaning you can use it in and out of the shower. This is the 'skin stretcher epilator' its designed for a more gentle epilation as one of the detachable heads stretches the skin as you would normally do by hand which tightens the skin making the whole process a lot easier

The epilator comes with 5 different attachable accessories, massage bars, one for more sensitive areas, the skin stretcher, a longer hair trimmer and an electric shaver. The beauty of something like this is that there is also the ability to have an electric shaver too, which doesn't hurt at all and is just like using a razor but less harsh on the skin than a razor as you can't cut yourself and by using the foil bar your skin is completely smooth and you don't get any razor bumps etc.

I'm so impressed being able to use this in the shower makes shaving so much more convenient and a lot easier. I highly recommend using an epilator if you can brave the pain as it lasts for around 4 weeks at a time, so much more convenient.
If you want to buy this epilator, here is a link for you.