The Edit | My Top Eyeshadow Brushes

Today I am going to chat to you about my top eyeshadow brushes. I have recently started wearing more eyeshadow and finding some beautiful glitters that I adore. So to ensure good application I had to get myself some good brushes, so I've picked some to talk to you about today. Firstly my trusty mac 228, this brush is excellent for those smaller areas, it really is tiny, which has its pros and cons, but overall an excellent brush that is easy to blend with as well, but yeah super tiny and easy to clean. I love using this for my crease and just under my eye. Next up is this set of 4 eyeshadow brushes that I brought from amazon. I didn't expect great things as they were so incredibly cheap, but I am so so impressed I cant even explain. Each brush is super fluffy so easy to blend eyeshadow in, the first is flat topped, the second is a larger flat top fluffier brush, the third is a stiffer brush that I use for the corner of my eyes to highlight and the last one is an angled fluffy flat top brush. If you want to buy these brushes, I highly recommend, then use the link here, the only downside is that they take a while to arrive, but so worth the wait! The last brush I received in my revolution 2016 essentials kit, this is similar to the first brush from the set of four from amazon, except it's slightly thinner and the bristles are longer. I use every single one of these brushes daily (hence why they look so dirty) and can't wait to do a tutorial featuring them.